Lego 5th Birthday


I knew this year’s birthday party for our son would look a little differently because of the pandemic, but I still wanted to make it as fun as possible and pick a theme that he would love. Lego was the obvious choice! We decided to host 2 small outdoor parties so that we didn’t have too many people in our backyard at once. And Jackson was thrilled to have multiple celebrations! Read on to see all of my ideas and tips for a perfect Lego party!

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Someone told me that the Dollar Tree had Lego themed party supplies, and it was a no brainer to snatch those up! I found paper plates, napkins, table cloths, banners, favor bags, and these adorable lego boxes, which I filled with M&M’s for the kids.

My husband and I built a Lego number 5 together to use as a centerpiece and topped it with a mini fig. (Lego man)


I kept the food simple this year rather than serving a whole meal – just cupcakes and hot cocoa. Jackson is always in charge of choosing his cake and icing flavor and he never disappoints! This year, he asked for chocolate and vanilla cake mixed together and pudding frosting. I’ve NEVER made frosting with pudding so I have no idea how he thought of it, but it was SO delicious!

For the cake, I made a chocolate cake mix and a vanilla cake mix. I put 1 scoop of chocolate batter into the cupcake liners first and then topped it with a scoop of the vanilla. We used chopsticks to gently swirl the 2 together. I sprinkled mini chocolate chips on top because I never think boxed chocolate cake mix tastes chocolatey enough. We baked them according to the directions on the cake packaging.

Once our cupcakes were cooled, we made the frosting.

Pudding Frosting Recipe

  • 2 – 3.4 oz boxes of instant pudding mix (flavor of choice)
  • 2 cups milk
  • 8oz cool whip, thawed

Mix the milk and pudding mix together until smooth. Add in cool whip until combined.

How simple is that?!

Because this is a thinner frosting, I let it chill in the fridge for an hour before piping it onto my cupcakes. It didn’t make the prettiest frosting for cupcakes, but it is definitely one of the best frostings I’ve ever had! Next time, I want to add cream cheese to the frosting, much like the mixture used in dirt pudding. YUM!

I found these Lego molds and filled them with candy melts dyed different colors for the cupcake toppers.


I also used the same molds to make Lego crayons as favors. Jackson helped me peel the paper off of crayons and break them into small pieces. We filled the molds with broken crayons and melted them in the oven at 300. I checked on them every 5 minutes until they were completely melted and then let them cool in the fridge before unmolding them. How adorable are they?!

These Lego glasses were the perfect last addition to the favor bags. They were a HUGE hit! They come with a small amount of Lego to decorate your glasses, but any Lego pieces will work. Not to be left out, my husband decorated one of the ties, and I made the bow tie into a headband.


At age 5, I felt that the kids were ready for some games this year. These were all very simple and virtually free to make!

Pin the Head on the Mini Fig

I used these free printables for the game. Jackson and I colored the body and painted a piece of carboard as the backdrop. He loved helping! I printed the heads on bright yellow cardstock and used a sharpie to draw different Lego man expressions.

Lego Race

Each child got 5 Lego pieces in a container. They placed one Lego on their spoon at a time and raced it to another container on the other side of the yard. The first person to transfer all 5 Lego pieces won the game.

Guess How Many Legos in the Jar

This one didn’t take up too much time, but the kids loved guessing! It’s easy, just fill any container with Lego and have the kids guess!

I hope you find some Lego inspiration here! We had a blast this weekend celebrating our little Lego lover! Do you have other ideas or questions? I’d love to hear them! And Happy, Happy Birthday to our sweet boy!!!

xoxo, L