Affordable Home Design Ideas for Spring 2024


While I style my home more for my own happiness versus “what’s in right now,” I know I’m always finding new inspiration from designs and trends I see online and in print.  These 5 Spring home trends for 2024 are all classically beautiful and can work so well with many different home styles.  Read on to see how to affordably add these trends to your Spring home!


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Earthy Apricot: Home Design Ideas

Warm, neutral Earth tones are having a moment right now, specifically muted apricot- a warm dusty peach tone – and we are here for it!  This beautiful Spring shade pairs so well with everything from black and white to cool blues to a full spring color palette if that’s what brings you joy!  Here are some simple, affordable home design ideas to add this spring shade to your home

Click here to learn how to make this beautiful and easy floral hanging basket!


A way to instantly add more luxury and coziness to your home is with layers: 

  • Style a stack of books topped with a sentimental (or thrifted!) spring tchotchke. 
  • Layer light weight throws over the backs and arms of your living room furniture. 
  • Add framed spring art to a shelf with smaller frames layered over larger ones.


Click HERE to learn how to style shelves like a pro!


Statement Rugs

A simple home design idea to refresh any space is by swapping out your area rug! Rugs add warmth and coziness to a room plus they help to ground the space and offer a luxe look. Bold statement rugs are very much IN right now, so why not add a beautiful spring inspired rug to refresh your Spring home – perhaps one with pops of the IT spring color apricot! Here are some of our affordable favorites right now!

heritage fabrics

Heritage style embraces historical elements and craftmanship.  Think embroidered pillow covers, quilts, and organic prints like florals and nature scenes. Since florals are the epitome of the Spring season, incorporating some heritage fabrics into your home is an easy, affordable way to decorate for Spring!

The thrift store is also a great resource for Heritage Fabrics! The adorable lamp shade in the photo above was thrifted for our Primary Bedroom Makeover for $3!

If you’re looking for more Thrifting Inspiration, START HERE!

Bring the outside in

One of the timeless home design ideas is incorporating greenery. No matter the season, adding more plants to your home is a great way to purify the air and boost oxygen levels!  Try some flowering plants instead of buying a bouquet that will die in a week! Bonus points for choosing something you can grow outside once the warmer weather arrives! 

We made this simple and elegant Floral Centerpiece with a thrifted basket that’s perfect for Spring!


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