The Best Faux Florals For Spring


I have a LOT of unique vintage vases I have collected from thrift stores and from my family over the years, and I love finding ways to display them in my home! One of my favorite ways to use my vases is of course for FLOWERS! While buying fresh floral bouquets every week can start to add up, opting for FAUX florals can achieve the same romantic touch to my home without breaking the bank!

I tested out a garden-full of fake flowers to find the best affordable and realistic looking faux stems that will never wilt or die! Read on for my top picks for your spring home and beyond!

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I was really drawn to white florals this season. White roses, hydrangeas and peonies are just so elegant and offer an elevated touch to any space no matter your color palette! While a lot of the florals you see styled in my home are white, these flowers are available in a range of colors to match your taste!

Shop My Favorite Realistic Faux Florals For any budget!

1. daffodils / 2. hydrangea / 3. roses  / 4. light pink peonies 
5. dark pink peonies / 6. white tulips / 7. pink ranunculus / 8. white peony bouquet
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Even if you’re not ready to think Spring, this is a great time to pick up some flowers while everything is still in stock! PLUS, Most of these florals are currently on sale!

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xoxo, L