Companion Planting For Beginners


Plants need friends too! If you’ve never heard of companion planting before, this post is for you! I’m going to explain what it is and why it’s so important for your garden! Spoiler alert, it’s easy, affordable, and it’s going to save you money!

What is Companion Planting?

Companion planting in a nutshell is when you plant 2 different plants beside one another for mutual benefit. It’s like having really great neighbors that let you borrow their tools and bake you cookies.

A companion plant can protect its neighbor from pests, improve the fertility of the soil so that the plant produces more fruit, and can even improve the taste of the food you grow!

When plants thrive next to one another, you have a far less likely chance of having to replace them which is a money saving win!

Examples of Companion Planting

In flower gardens, a tall sun-loving companion plant can produce shade for a low shade-loving ground cover. In turn, the ground cover plant spreads out and reduces the amount of weeds for the taller plant. Plant BFF’s!

In our vegetable garden we make sure to grow our tomatoes and basil right beside each other. Not only do they taste delicious together in the marinara we can every summer, but the basil keeps pests away from our tomatoes and increases the amount of fruit our tomato plants produce!

Here is a really helpful chart to help you decide what would work best in your vegetable garden. You can find even more tips for growing vegetables on this Anglian post.


My best advice to to search the companion plants for the vegetables you want to grow in your garden to make sure they thrive and yield a bountiful crop for you! Looking for more affordable and easy gardening tips? Start here!

xoxo, L